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What is CrossFit West Jax?

CrossFit West Jax is a fitness facility located in Jacksonville, FL that was developed to celebrate the athlete. You were born an athlete. Everyone was. Over the years, and several “I’ll start tomorrows” later, you have strayed off course in achieving the best version of your athletic self. But, you are still an athlete. Therefore, together, we will chip away at your days and months and years of procrastination one workout at a time and dust off the best version of you.


To provide the world’s best physical training that revitalizes the body and mind and gets each client back on azimuth to genuine fitness, wellness and vitality.


Simple. Functional. Performance-based. Ever-changing. Fun. Running, jumping, throwing, rowing, pulling, pushing, carrying, lifting, climbing and any combination of each. Isn’t that what we were made to do? Only the implements, distances, times and weights will change.

How is CrossFit West Jax different?

CrossFit West Jax differs greatly from your normal Fitness Center or Gym. You will find no: mirrors, plasma screen TVs, complicated machines, lines of treadmills or people hanging out for hours during a workout.

Traditional lifting programs like back/bicep, chest/tricep, legs/shoulders, etc. also will not be “whipped up” by one of our trainers. Programs such as these have gone the way of the dinosaur and have been scientifically proven as ineffective compared to CrossFit training methods. Each client is considered part of our family and will be concentrated on until he/she feels comfortable with their progress.

All movements done at CFWJ are going to be dynamic, functional movements with the emphasis on full body motion to maximize athletic performance. The training atmosphere is supportive. We are all learning all the time. The training variety will change day to day to maximize aerobic and anaerobic stimulation.

We believe in this methodology of training and we are sure that you will elevate your threshold of pain, wellness, psychological strength and overall confidence in life. Train hard and consistently, and results will come.

We coach individuals and teams, athletes and professionals from basic to advanced classes in athletic development – specifically: cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. The methods that take place at CFWJ will no doubt produce dramatic results to those who are willing to meet the daily challenge.