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Confessions Of A Squataholic

Introducing the Inaugural Fall Confessions of a Squataholic Weight Loss Challenge!


Let’s face it, tubby, you need to lose some weight.  Well, here’s your chance to do that, win some bucks and the highly valued gym bragging rights!  Introducing…the Inaugural Fall Confessions of a Squataholic Ultimate Crossfit West Jax Weight Loss Challenge (otherwise affectionately known as IFCOASUCWJWLC.)


The skinny:  11 week challenge beginning Monday, September 2nd (sorry for the short notice) and running through November 18th.  Contestants will weigh in Monday (or any time within the week of 9/2-8 for those who can’t make it Monday.)  The same applies to the final weigh in – contestants will be allowed to weigh in any day within a week prior to the finale (11/18.) Your weight must be verified by a coach and taken down on a chart that will be provided at the weigh-in station.  The entry fee is $20, and the one true winner, the biggest loser of them all, will take home the entire pot.  The winner will be decided by the highestPERCENTAGE of weight loss from the initial weigh in to the final.   This should encourage you less heavy folks who just need to lose a few lbs before the holidays to join in.


But wait, there’s one catch…if you do not win the competition (hopefully we’re ALL losers in this one,) there will be a penalty, and it will be painful and severe.  Each contestant must push the prowler 15 meters for every 1 pound that the winner loses in the challenge.  For instance, if the winner loses 20 lbs, the rest of the field must push the prowler 300 meters.  To make it just a bit more painful and severe, 50 lbs will be added to the men’s prowler, and 20 lbs will be added to the women’s.  Don’t worry, the baking hot August sun will be gone by then and replaced by the slightly less baking hot November sun. 


Join in.  Everybody’s been laughing at your love handles behind your back, and here’s your chance to show them all.  And make it fun…smack talking and side bets are well encouraged.  I for one intend to crush every single one of you in a swift, just and merciless blitzkrieg of shreddage.  The more on the line, the more fun we all have, the more encouraged we’ll all be to keep on track.  Once we know how many people join up, we’ll set a poundage goal for the entire gym as well. 


$20, weigh by the end of next week, kick carbs and take names.  Good luck to you all, you’re gonna need it.


2 Responses

  • AllisonAugust 28, 2013 at 8:49 PM

    I’m In! But MyBirthdayIsIn2Weeks! :(

  • EnidAugust 29, 2013 at 8:51 AM

    Oh, I’m def IN!!! …Kick all this baby weight off once and for all!!! (running outta time to keep using the “baby weight” excuse lol)


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