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Mike C.

941039_496367743764498_1566185760_nName or nickname – Mike ‘Twilight’ Curran

Relative age – 27

How long have you been CrossFitting, when did you start? Started Crossfit in 2009

How did you find CrossFit West Jax and CrossFit? I found Crossfit through my Navy Seal buddies who were using it for their training.

How often do you make it to the gym and which class time do you prefer? I’m at the gym pretty much every afternoon.

What do you do for a living? More than just a job title, what do you actually do and what do you enjoy most about it.  Coach at CFWJ. I enjoy getting to know people, watching them improve and grow into the sport and our community. Also awaiting an Air Traffic Control job.

Do you have a favorite skill/lift and why?  Cleans are my favorite. The amount of technique and power required amazes me 

What is your nutritional philosophy and why? Eat a lot of clean food!

What 3 foods do you always have in your house?  Chicken, Apples, Cashews

Favorite physical activity outside of CrossFit? Sailing, Soccer

Who do you use as a measuring stick/who inspires you in our gym?  Adam Spann is my training partner. Between the two of us we’re very balanced, which keeps the rivalry and intensity high. 

If you could trade places with any one historical person or live in any particular place or era, who, where, when would it be and why?  Pres. Abraham Lincoln’s assistant. “Don’t go to the theater!”

One thing most people don’t know about you? Half Irish, quarter Japanese, quarter French-Canadian. Explains my flexibility and why most of the time I’m quite pleasant to be around.

What 3 songs would you like to see included in your ideal CrossFit playlist?  Fall Out Boy, The Gaslight Anthem, Muse – Uprising

What was the last book you read? Ted Bell – Warlord

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  • J-TrainAugust 21, 2013 at 9:49 PM

    Mike quietly goes about his bizz. Always has great form and technique and can lift a TON of weight. Good on you Mike! Keep it up Bro.!!


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