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Our Rates

Memberships are month-to-month and your monthly membership will be due by the 1st of each month unless prior arrangements have been made.

We offer one FREE session for first time visitors who are unfamiliar with CrossFit. This free session will be conducted on (when and where?), or just contact us so we can set up a time for you that will work. We will explain what CrossFit is, why we do it and how.

Our rates and the return on your investment are extremely low compared to personal trainers and regular ”mirrors and machines” gyms. At a regular gym it’s up to your individual drive, and ability to perform the moves correctly to get results. Each session at CrossFit WestJax is preprogrammed and guided by one of our coaches. You will never workout alone and most people see and feel the results in a matter of a few weeks.

CrossFit works, there is no debating that. It is not easy, ”no success is without sacrifice”. Joining a CrossFit facility is an investment in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle no matter where it is located.

General Membership – General membership includes unlimited WOD, Beginner, Team and Endurance classes, access to all events, and the benefits of looking better naked.

Student / MIL / LEO Discount Membership – For students, active duty military, firefighters, and law enforcement, we offer general membership at a discounted rate.

Drop-in Rate – We love Drop-ins!  But we ask that you give us a heads up that you are coming. And while we don’t normally charge a drop-in fee, if you happen to need an extra T-shirt or two, we’d be glad to help you out!

Personal Training – Varies by Coach
We’re proud to have some of the best coaches in Jacksonville right here at CrossFit WestJax. Our members get the benefit of their expertise in our group programming, but all of our coaches are also available for one-on-one CrossFit WODs, and specialized weightlifting, kettlebell training, endurance, and mobility training.  Contact us to get you in touch with a coach and begin your training today.