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Who Knows This Stuff Might Actually Work


Hannah pictured here started a little over a month ago.
Hannah came to the nutrition seminar that we had at the start of The Challenge and signed up for a 30 day challenge within the next day or two. It ended last week and after she shared her results with me I asked her to share them with you. Great job Hannah!

My Whole30

When I was reading about the Whole30 challenge I kept seeing things like, “It will change you forever” and “this is the start of the rest of your life!” I didn’t believe either of those things when I started, but now after a month has gone by I’ve never been so happy to be proven wrong! Those 30 days were exactly what they’re described as…a challenge. The first two weeks were filled of my weakest moments where I was doing anything and everything to keep from feeding my “sugar dragon” as they call it, but the most important lesson I learned during those first days were that I had to take it every second, minute, hour at a time and stop worrying about how many more days were gonna suck that bad. Needless to say I pushed through the worst of it and when I came into week 3 I felt like a different person, I was sleeping so much better, recovering from my workouts faster and I started to have higher energy levels every day and it was AWESOME. That was the moment I stopped doubting what the Whole30 was really capable of. I finished the last week of the challenge strong and I’ve never been so proud of myself! I’ve been finished for a few days now and I’m still paleo-strong and feeling amazing because of it. Those 30 days really did change not only my body, but my life and I’m so happy I made the sacrifices so now I can reap the benefits! The picture above (below (editors change)) is me day 1 of the challenge and me at the end of the challenge. I was pretty hesitant at first to let people see my before and after pictures (especially the before), but I think it’s important to show the results hard work can get you so I’m proud to share my little success story.

hannah3 hannah1

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